PhotoResearcher No. 13|2010

Photography in the Orient in the 19th Century



Anna Auer, Uwe Schögl, Ulla Fischer-Westhauser


Stéphanie Roy Bharath
The Sachés: a family of photographers working in India during the 19th century

Corien J.M. Achour-Vuurman
Arranging early photographs of Persepolis in Dutch photo-collections by the ideas of David Hockney

Bahattin Öztuncay
CARANZA: From Constantinople to the Société Française de Photographie

Mohammad Reza Tahmasbpour
Creative Photography in the Early Years of Photography in Iran

Stéphanie Roy Bharath
The Alkazi Collection of Photography: Visual Heritage from South Asia

Herta Wolf
`Collections of all Kinds will be Formed´ The Photograph as an Image and Medium for Taking Inventory.

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