PhotoResearcher No. 36, 2021

Privat Photo Collecting



Uwe Schögl


Miriam Szwast in Conversation with Katrin Unterreiner about Elisabeth of Austria’s carte-de-visite collection
“Now I am Collecting Photographs”

Frédérique Destribats in Conversation with Vreni Hockenjos
I Feel More Like A Gleaner

Manfred Heiting in Conversation with Kristina Lemke
Learn How to See. My Five Schools of Seeing

Judy Hochberg and Michael P. Mattis in Conversation with Moritz Neumüller
We are Very Active Collectors, in Both Directions

Serge Kakou in Conversation with Delphine Desveaux
Collecting is a Great Adventure

Michael Loulakis in Conversation with Simone Klein
The Passionate Eye: 40 Years of Collecting Photography

Anna Morelli in Conversation with Roberto Caccialanza
In Memory of RuggeroPini: Friend, Collector and Researcher

Christian Skrein in Conversation with Thorsten Sadowsky
Photography Shows Us Things that We Would Not Otherwise See

Michael G. Wilson in Conversation with Madeline Yale Preston
Collecting Education

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