About the European Society for the History of Photography


The European Society for the History of Photography (ESHPh) is a platform for scientific research into the history and theory of photography.
The ESHPh is committed to an open discourse between all of those scientific disciplines that have an interrelationship with photography. The members of the ESHPh include renowned photo historians, art historians, media scientists, philosophers, sociologists and ethnologists, who are active in the most important museums, research institutes and universities in Europe and abroad, as well as photographers and private collectors.


The aim of the Society is to study the historical developments of photography from its beginnings to the present day within the framework of a global discourse founded on excellence and topicality and integrate them into a European context.
Alongside its research activities the ESHPh takes part in a worldwide exchange of information. It supports both the recognition of the history of photography as an academic discipline and the establishment of chairs in the discipline at European universities.


The main activities of the ESHPh focus on three areas:
Concept and publication of the journal: PhotoResearcher (twice yearly)
Concept and realisation of symposiums (incl. proceedings)
Email letter »The International Letter« (three times yearly)


The journal “PhotoResearcher” is published twice yearly (April and October) as special issues focussing on a specific subject. The selection of topical themes and the scientific relevance of the individual contributions are guaranteed by Uwe Schögl (ESHPh President) and Ulla Fischer-Westhauser (Vice-President) in cooperation with guest editors. PhotoResearcher contains from 88 to 116 pages, printed in 4 colours. The articles appear in English. The PhotoResearcher is available as a printed edition only, but single articles can be purchased as PDF version.


Together with its partners (museums and other institutions), the ESHPh has organised regular symposiums that are held at various locations in Europe since 1981. Members of the ESHPh are invited to attend these international high-level congresses on photography and, if interested, can respond to the call for papers. Since 2001, all of the congress contributions have been published in proceedings and can be accessed freely on the ESHPh website or purchased in book form from your regular supplier or directly from the ESHPh.


The ESHPh newsletter is an exclusive guide that provides information on the most important upcoming photo activities, exhibitions, conferences and auctions. The ESHPh newsletter is free of charge and is published three times a year in spring, summer and autumn. Editors: Uwe Schögl (ESHPh President), Ulla Fischer-Westhauser (Vice President).


The European Society for the History of Photography (ESHPh) was constituted at the inaugural meeting held in Leverkusen (DE) on 19 November 1978.
The ESHPh was headquartered in Antwerp (BE) from 1978 to 1989 and then in Croyden (UK) until 2001. The Society’s presidency has had its seat in Vienna since 2001 where it was registered and legitimated as an international “European Society for the History of Photography Research Institution” in the year 2004.