Opening Exhibition & Roundtable

The City and the Territory ─ Imagining Cairo and Egypt

Daniela Keiser “Ar & Or”, STAMPA Galerie Basel 2010

Thursday, 15th March 2018
18:00 hrs – Bayt al Sennari, Cairo
The exhibition can be visited until 25th March (daily from 10:00─18:00 hrs). Admission free.

Accurate portrayal of reality or colonial exoticism and romanticizing orientalism? – How did European photographers capture Egypt on film in the course of the past two centuries after the invention of photography in 1839? And, what about the other way round: How did and do Egyptian photography artists perceive grand Umm el Dunya? What are the differences between the two cultures, what has changed in the course of time and which are the positions today ─ these are the topics which the remarkable exhibition The City and the Territory ─ Imagining Cairo and Egypt will be exploring. The opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, 18th March at 18:00 hrs at Bayt al Sennari in Cairo and will be inaugurated by H.E. Dr. Mostafa el Fekki, Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

21st International Symposium

From Nordic Landscapes to North American Indians. Current Trends in Nordic and International History of Photography.

9 to 10 September 2004, Royal Library, National Library of Sweden and Moderna Museet, Stockholm/SE

Among other there can be seen on this picture: (first rang from left to right) Anna Tellgren – Curator, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (SE), Eva Dahlman – Curator, National Library of Sweden, Stockholm (SE), unknown Giuliana Scimé – Art historian, Milano (I), Anna Auer – President of the ESHPh, Vienna (A), Monika Schwärzler – Webster University, Vienna (A), Others: Hans Christian Adam, Goettingen (G), Kerstin Arcadius, Malmö (SE), Tamara Berghmans – Free University of Brussels (B), Lena Johannesson – University of Göteborg (SE), Peter Schulz – Moderna Museet, Stockholm (SE), Leif Wigh – Modern Museet, Stockholm (SE), Johan Swinnen – Free University of Brussels (B)

18th International Symposium

Photography and Research in Austria – Vienna, the Door to the European East

20 to 22 June 2001, Austrian National Library, Vienna/AT

Photo: Viktor Kabelka, Vienna. From left to right: Johan Swinnen – Vice-President of the ESHPh, Free University of Bruxelles (B), Anna Auer – President of the ESHPh, Vienna (A), Allan D. Coleman – Photography critic and historian, New York (USA) Roger Erlandsen – Head, National Institute for Historical Photography, Oslo (N)