Welcome Colin Ford


Ulla Fischer-Westhauer (Vice President), Colin Ford (Honory Member and Founder Member of ESHPh), Anna Auer (Honory Member), Uwe Schögl (President)

It was a great pleasure for us to be able to welcome our Honorary Member Colin Ford to the 25th ESHPh General Assembly on 25 October 2018.
On the occasion of the ESHPh’s 40th anniversary, we will publish a special issue of PhotoResearcher in spring 2019 and are preparing a conference on “Poisoned Pictures – Photography and Ecology”, which will be held in Vienna on 5 April 2019.

Uwe Schögl: Moriz Nähr

Photographer of Viennese Modernism

Exhibition – Leopold Museum, Vienna
24. 08.–29. 10. 2018
First Comprehensive Presentation of the Work of Moriz Nähr, Photographer of Viennese Modernism.

Catalogue to accompany the Exhibition:
Ed: Uwe Schögl, Hans Peter Wipplinger
ISBN 978 3 95004592 0 3
Editorial preview:
Moriz Nähr (1859–1945): The catalogue raisonné, edited by Uwe Schögl, is in preparation and will be published in the “Edition Klimt-Research” series of The Gustav Klimt | Wien 1900-Private Foundation, Vienna in autumn 2019.


Opening Exhibition & Roundtable

The City and the Territory ─ Imagining Cairo and Egypt

Daniela Keiser “Ar & Or”, STAMPA Galerie Basel 2010

Thursday, 15th March 2018
18:00 hrs – Bayt al Sennari, Cairo
The exhibition can be visited until 25th March (daily from 10:00─18:00 hrs). Admission free.

Accurate portrayal of reality or colonial exoticism and romanticizing orientalism? – How did European photographers capture Egypt on film in the course of the past two centuries after the invention of photography in 1839? And, what about the other way round: How did and do Egyptian photography artists perceive grand Umm el Dunya? What are the differences between the two cultures, what has changed in the course of time and which are the positions today ─ these are the topics which the remarkable exhibition The City and the Territory ─ Imagining Cairo and Egypt will be exploring. The opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, 18th March at 18:00 hrs at Bayt al Sennari in Cairo and will be inaugurated by H.E. Dr. Mostafa el Fekki, Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

exhibition catalogue = PhotoResearcher No. 28|2017

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Uwe Schögl: Heinrich Kühn

und die Erfindung der künstlerischen Farbfotografie

kuehn_coverBook out of print!
ISBN: 978-88-95523-05-7

An In-Depth Analysis and the First Comprehensive Presentation of Heinrich Kühn’s Autochrome Photographs from the Holdings of the Austrian National Library, Vienna.

This essay appeared in the catalogue Das bedrohte Paradies. Heinrich Kühn fotografiert in Farbe [The Threatened Paradise. Heinrich Kühn Photographs in Colour]
pp. 18-37
Südtiroler Landesmusem für Kultur- und Landesgeschichte Schloss Tirol (ed.), Schloss Tirol 2014


Anna Auer & Photographic Research

As a result of her many years of activity in the fields of research and exhibitions, Anna Auer (the first female Honorary President of the ESHPh) has provided numerous impulses for investigation into the history of photography.

Anna Auer founded the first commercial photo gallery on the European continent when she opened the gallery “Die Brücke” in 1970. She was also the founding director of the historical photographic collection “Sammlung Fotografis” (1975), as well as being the initiator of annual photo symposia held in the German-speaking world (until 1981), organising a large number of exhibitions and the author or editor of a wide-range of publications on photographic history (The Forgotten Letters and Manuscripts: Niépce, Daguerre, Talbot; Christian Schad, Ferdinand Schmutzer, eg.).
Anna Auer made a major contribution to the establishment of a photographic museum and research centre in Vienna but, unfortunately, the concepts and proposals she presented in 1994 have remained unfulfilled by the responsible ministries of the Republic of Austria.

Anna Auer: Institute for Photography in Austria

In 1994, Anna Auer and her co-authors presented the Federal Ministry of Education and Art/Dept. 4.3 in Vienna with a concept for the establishment of an “Institute for Photography in Austria” to function as a data base and documentation centre.

This was followed by numerous other concepts for a “Museum/Research Centre for Photography in Vienna” that, unfortunately, never came to fruition.


Roberto Caccialanza

Stefano Lecchi, from Milan, Pupil of Daguerre: the Last Biography

lecchiAlthough books and several articles have been written about Stefano Lecchi and his photographic works during his period in Rome in 1849, the life of this important character has remained somewhat mysterious. As a result of long and extensive research at the international level, it is now possible – for the very first time – to draw up a biography of Stefano Lecchi, full of new, interesting – and often surprising – information.


José Huguet Chanzá

Benito Monfort: La Lumière, Cosmos and the Casino of Biarritz

chanzaBenito Monfort (Valencia, Spain 1800 – Biarritz, France 1871) was the founder of the Société Héliographique (Heliographic Society), the journals La Lumière and Cosmos, and the Biarritz Casino.