Photoresearcher No. 33|2020

Moving Beyond Myths: Institutional Experiences of Expanded Photography

PHR_30_COVER_WEBThis issue of PhotoResearcher explores how digitally-informed photographic practices have transformed experiences and functions of cultural institutions. Interrogating the shifting value systems provoked by expanded photography, the issue reflects on the variable roles and outcomes of (post-)photographic image cultures in institutional environments.


PhotoResearcher No. 26|2016

Migration as Agitation – The Photographic Beyond the Image

The essays in this issue direct their focus towards intermedial, as well as interpictorial, forays along the borderlines of the photographic and examine the potentials inherent to these explorations: for example, their ability to theorize about photography beyond dual conceptual systems, to shift fixed geographic and media-specific notions of delimitation, or to dynamize (re)orderings of photographic images – not least in the field of the arts.