PhotoResearcher No. 38, 2022

Photobooks as Propaganda
A Platform for Power, Protest and Persuasion

PHR_38_CoverHow does propaganda operate in photobook form? The articles included in this new instalment of PhotoResearcher attempt to answer that question by not only looking at different manifestations of this form of communication – war, tourism, nation-building, activism, protest, children’s literature – but also at the specific material, social, political and artistic contexts that shaped the creation of the publications examined throughout this issue.



PhotoResearcher No. 37, 2022

Three-Colour Photography around 1900

Three-color photography is the basis for most color photographic technologies nowadays, so why does its multifaceted history remain ignored by historians? This issue of PhotoResearcher explores the various technologies the term “three-color photography” encompasses, investigates their use in different expeditions abroad, and elucidates their role in the visual and discursive constructions of Empire. Thus, it offers readers interpretative and methodological paradigms to complicate three-color photography’s historiographic position.

DOWNLOAD — Editorial — Nils Torske in Conversation with Hanin Hannouch — Hanin Hannouch: Gustav Fritsch around 1900

DOWNLOAD — Why in Color? Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskiĭ and His Travels 1908—1918 — Rolf Sachsse

Photoresearcher No. 33|2020

Moving Beyond Myths: Institutional Experiences of Expanded Photography

PHR_30_COVER_WEBThis issue of PhotoResearcher explores how digitally-informed photographic practices have transformed experiences and functions of cultural institutions. Interrogating the shifting value systems provoked by expanded photography, the issue reflects on the variable roles and outcomes of (post-)photographic image cultures in institutional environments.