André Kertész – a Biographical Journey


André Kertész: Self-Portrait with Camera, 1936. © Kertész Foundation

Robert Gurbo Curator of the André Kertész Foundation presents a lecture on André Kertész.

5–6pm, 14th December,
V&A Museum, London.
Supported by the André and Elizabeth Kertész Foundation.

Colin Ford Lecture Series.
Robert Gurbo presents ‘André Kertész – A Biographical Journey’

André Kertész (1894–1985) was an undisputed master of photography, widely seen as the father of photojournalism and street photography. Robert Gurbo worked with Kertész over the last seven years of his life and has spent the last 39 years combing through the archive. In a talk that offers an intimate and personal look, Gurbo interweaves the artist’s work and self-portraits into the timeline of Kertész’s complicated life story.