PhotoResearcher No. 20|2013

Medieval Views – The Middle Ages trough the Lenses of 19th Century Photographers


Caroline Fuchs, Uwe Schögl, Ulla Fischer-Westhauser


Paul-Louis Roubert
The Troubadour Style, the Daguerreotype and the Invention of Photography

Pierangelo Cavanna
`Slightly Out of Focus´Turin 1884-1898: From Art to Artistic Photography

Andrea Wolk Rager
`Not on the Straight Line, but on the Spiral´ Frederick H. Evans and the Gothic Inheritance

Jordan Bear
`The Experienced Eye of the Antiquary´ Hill and Adamson’s Medieval Revival

Dorothea Peters
The Middle Ages as the Avant-Garde–Early Photographs for Art History

Franziska Maria Scheuer
A Case Study in Pictorialism – Medieval Stained Glass Windows and their Reproductions in the French Autochromist Movement

Anne M. Lyden
Frederick H. Evans–Medievalist and Modernist

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