PhotoResearcher No. 21|2014

175 Years of Photography in Spain


Carmen Pérez Gonzáles, Ulla Fischer-Westhauser, Uwe Schögl

Lee Fontanella
José Albiñana and the Royal Palace

Carmelo Vega
A Model-less Model.. Re-thinking the History of Photography in Spain

Luis Estepa Pinilla
Delight and Disaster: The First Photographic Treatise Written in Spanish for the American Continent

Jürg Schneider, Miquel Vilaró i Güell
Fourteen Views of Fernando Po to Save the Colony

Juan Naranjo
From the Easel to the Printer. Avant-garde Photography and Art in Spain 1920-1945

Carmen Pérez González in Interview with Marie-Loup Sougez
Some Reflections on Albert-Louis Deschamps and the Spanish Civil War

Cynthia Young
Inside the Mexican Suitcase

Moritz Neumüller
The Spanish Photobook

Cristina de Middel and Alejandro Castellote in Conversation with Moritz Neumüller
On the Afronauts, Surrealism, Kleenex and the Crisis. And What They Have in Common

Pep Benlloch, Miguel García, Pedro Vicente
`dFoto´ Directory of Photographic Archives and Collections in Spain. An Instrument for the Research and Preservation of Photography

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