PhotoResearcher No. 22|2014

Looking at 175 Years of Photohistory


Miriam Halwani, Uwe Schögl, Ulla Fischer-Westhauser

Wolfgang Kemp
Photography, a Home Birth

R. Derek Wood
No Daguerreotype for the Young Queen Victoria: A Case of English Protocol or Perfidy?

Stephan Koja
`The Invention was not Coincidental…´ Heinrich Schwarz and the `Art in the Early Days of Photography 1840–1880´Exhibition in 1928

Christoph Schaden
`One no longer hears anything about him and his fairytale. ´A Postscript to the Transatlantic Reception of the Levi L. Hill Case

Rolf H. Krauss
Dabbing, wiping, scraping, `fummeln´– on Photographic Retouching in the 19th Century

Naomi Rosenblum in Conversation with Lena Fritsch
A Not-So-Simple World History of Photography

Claude W. Sui
Alison Gernsheim – Pioneer of Photo History Rediscovered

Christiane E. Fricke
The Birth of a Questionable Market – Dealing in Photography in the Nineteen-Seventies

Rolf Sachsse
Light on Light. Autobiographies by Photographer

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