PhotoResearcher No. 24|2015

Image After Image: Reconsidering the Fabric of Slideshows

phr24Issue 24 of the PhotoResearcher is reconsidering the importance of slide shows for the history, theory and practice of visual arts. It consists of essays that approach this subject from a range of perspectives, including its relationship to historical and contemporary artistic practices, technology, as well as the policies of institutional collecting.



Jelena Stojković, Ulla Fischer-Westhauser, Uwe Schögl


Paige Sarlin
The Work of Ending: Eastman Kodak’s Carousel Slide Projector

Tina Weidner
Final Days: The Slow Demise of Slide-Based Artworks

Julian Ross
An Infant with four Breasts? Intermedial Uses of the Slide projector in Japanese Post-war Art

Hilde Van Gelder, Jeroen Verbeeck
`Reverse Magellan´ Allan Sekula’s Last Slide Sequence

Lilian Haberer
Rhythm of the Interval. Projection, Circulation and Fragmentation of Images and Words in Tris Vonna-Michell’s Art practice

Helen Westgeest
The “Slideshow Effect” in Video Art: Akram Zaatari’s `On Photography, People and Modern Times´

Dork Zabunyan
Ascetic Slideshows. Abounaddara and the Stream of Images of the War in Syria

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