PhotoResearcher No. 25|2016

Photography in the Marketplace

Photography in the Marketplace is not only a matter of industrial advertising photography, or corporate branding, but is a political, material and above all, commercial enterprise that inflects the taking, circulating, collection and recirculation of photographs. The materiality of the markets in which photography takes part, the communications networks in which they circulate, and the circumstances in which they are preserved as history enrich the narratives of ‘industry’ beyond its current confines.



Kelley Wilder, Ulla Fischer-Westhauser, Uwe Schögl


Kim Timby
Glass Transparencies: Marketing Photography’s Luminosity and Precision

Clara von Waldthausen
Reflections on the Material History and Materiality of Photographic Gelatine

Nicholas Le Guern
Industrialists, their Scientists and the Endless Invention of Twentieth Century Photography

Noeme Santana
Visualising the Corporate Archive: The S. Pearson & Son Photographic Albums of Industry and Business

Tom Allbeson
Where are the pictures? Photography & British Public Perception of the Bombing of Germany, 1941–45

Wolfgang Hesse
Resource and Resonance: A Photo Album as Utopian Vision

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