PhotoResearcher No. 26|2016

Migration as Agitation – The Photographic Beyond the Image

The essays in this issue direct their focus towards intermedial, as well as interpictorial, forays along the borderlines of the photographic and examine the potentials inherent to these explorations: for example, their ability to theorize about photography beyond dual conceptual systems, to shift fixed geographic and media-specific notions of delimitation, or to dynamize (re)orderings of photographic images – not least in the field of the arts.



Katharina Sykora, Ulla Fischer-Westhauser, Uwe Schögl


Zoe Leonard
Detail from New York Harbor I

Ilka Becker
Displaced Images / Displaced Subjects
Zoe Leonard’s Practice of Dephotographing Migration

Katharina Sykora
The Given Image and the Image as a Gift

Zoe Leonard
Crossing the Equator

Lucy Soutter
Expanded Photography: Persistence of the Photographic

Kristin Schrader
Katja vom Stein
Para- and Postphotographic Agencies On Pierre Huyghe and Thomas Ruff

Ulrike Blumenthal
Astrid Köhler
Luring Reflections, Photographic Aberrations, and Disruptive Visions:
On the varying Relations between Mirrors and Pictures

Helen Westgeest
Interrogating Tele-Visual Mediation through Photogenic Fragments and Obstructions

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