PhotoResearcher No. 28|2017

The City and the Territory – Imagining Cairo and Egypt


Guest Editor

Harald R. Stühlinger


Ulla Fischer-Westhauser, Uwe Schögl


Felix Thürlemann
Observing vs. Experiencing:
Everyday Life in Egypt in Tourists’ Photographs of the Late 19th Century

Mercedes Volait
A Unique Visual Narrative of Historic Cairo in the 1880s – Unveiling the Work of Beniamino Facchinelli

Charlotte Malterre Barthes
Manipulative Iconographies of Nile Dams:
The Political Image

Estelle Sohier
Egyptian Postcolonial Territory on behalf of Royalty: A Photographic Survey by Fred Boissonnas 1929-1932

Marlies Dornig
Conquering the Territory: The Suez Canal and its Early Depiction in Photography

Heba Farid
An Illustrated Reflection on Private Snapshots from a Mid-Century Notion of Territory

Milica Topalovic and Bas Princen in Conversation with Charlotte Malterre Barthes and Harald R. Stühlinger
The Visible and the Invisible World – Egypt, Landscapes and Territories

Harald R. Stühlinger
Myth and Phantasm – Egypt and Cairo in Photography now

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