PhotoResearcher No. 30|2018

Photographs in Motion.
Circulating Images of Asia around 1900


Guest Editor

Sophie Junge


Ulla Fischer-Westhauser, Uwe Schögl


Eva Ehninger
Group Formation. Queen Victoria in India

Natasha Eaton
Camera Indentica.
Photographic Rattan and Vagabondage in Nineteenth-Century Mauritius

Stella Jungmann
Imaging Japan in Illustrated Newspapers:
The Role of Photography in Visualizing the Japanese Embassy in the United States, 1860

Sophie Junge
Old Soerabaja – New Soerabaja?
Circulating the Emptiness of the Colonial City

Jung Joon Lee
Traveling Images, Traveling Bodies:
Korean War Orphans in Hollywood and the Rhetoric of Interracial Adoption

Taous R. Dahmani
Bharti Parmar’s True Stories:
Against the grain of Sir Benjamin Stone’s Photographic Collection

Sean Willcock
The Aesthetics of the Negative:
Orientalist Portraiture in the Digitised Collodion Plates of John Thomson (1837–1921)

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