Photoresearcher No. 33|2020

Moving Beyond Myths: Institutional Experiences of Expanded Photography

PHR_30_COVER_WEBThis issue of PhotoResearcher explores how digitally-informed photographic practices have transformed experiences and functions of cultural institutions. Interrogating the shifting value systems provoked by expanded photography, the issue reflects on the variable roles and outcomes of (post-)photographic image cultures in institutional environments.


Guest Editor

Catherine Troiano


Ulla Fischer-Westhauser, Uwe Schögl


Franziska Kunze
The Digital Body: An Introspection of the Mediation of Expanded Photographic Practices

Natalie Kane in Interview with Catherine Troiano
Not Just a Fad: The Role of Digital Design in Image Culture

Catherine Troiano
An Institutional Understanding: Exploring Practices of Exhibiting Expanded Photography

Bronwen Colquhoun
Photography, Collections and Communities: Framing Knowledge on Flickr The Commons

Ariel Caine
Walking the Image: On the Ontology and Counter Dominant Practices of the Emergent Spatial Photograph

Rosa Menkman

Béla Tamás Kónya
Settings > Updates
The Variable Strategy of the Twenty-First Century Museum

Kai Mewes
Moving Beyond Visibility. The Value of Invisible Numbers in Cultural Heritage Imaging

Christina Radner
The Different Appearances and Roles of Photographic Images in the Ars Electronica Archive

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