PhotoResearcher No. 35, 2021

The Reception of Photography


Guest Editors

Markus & Christoph Schaden


Ulla Fischer-Westhauser, Uwe Schögl


Mariko Takeuchi
Visible and Invisible Scars:
Ken Domon’s Hiroshima and Portraying the Suffering of Others

Sophie Schäfer
Looking In. Looking At. Looking Around.
Robert Frank’s The Americans – a Postscript and Map of the Editions 1958–2020

Markus Schaden
“The But. The Now.”
The Divergent Positions Taken in the Criticism of Waffenruhe (Ceasefire), a Photo-Text Book by Einar Schleef and Michael Schmidt

Frits Gierstberg
“In the Photography of Hans Aarsman, Nothing Ever Happens.”
On the Reception of Hollandse Taferelen (1989)

Luis Weinstein
Searching for the Seeds of Adam’s Apple in the Southern Territories

Christoph Schaden
The Other Silence
On the Reception of Gilles Peress’ Epochal Photobook The Silence in German-Speaking Countries

Moritz Neumüller
“A Stone Thrown at My Head”.
London by Gian Butturini – A Reception History, 1969–2021

Including conversations with JORGE LUIS ÁLVAREZ PUPO and AZU NWAGBOGU

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