3rd International Symposium

11—14 April 1985, National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford/UK

Photo: Jan Coppens. From left to right: Mark van Gysegem – Head – The Academie Wetteren, Gent (B), Georges Vercheval – Head – The Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi (B) Roger Coenen – Secretary General of ESHPh, Antwerp (B), Johan M. Swinnen – Higher Institute for Fine Arts-Flandres, Antwerp (B), Laurent Roosens – First President of the ESHPh, Mortsel / Antwerp (B), Pierre Cordier – Artist / photographer, Brussels (B), Pool Andries, Antwerp (B)

11 April
Chairman: Colin Ford, National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford

Margaret Harker, Vice-President of the ESHPh, Egdean/Sussex
»The Collections of the Royal Photographic Society«

Robert Lassam, Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire
»The Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock Abbey«

Sara Stevenson, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edingburgh
»The Scottish Photography Archive«

Roger Coenen, (Founding Member of the ESHPh, 1977) Provinciaal Museum voor Fotografie, Antwerpen
»Provinciaal Museum voor Fotografie, Antwerp«

Andre Fage, Musée Francais de la Photographie, Bièvres, France
»Musée Francais de la Photographie«

Ingeborg Leijerzapf, (Founding Member of the ESHPh, 1977) University Leiden
»The Print Room, University of Leiden«

Ritva Keski-Korhonen, Photographic Museum of Finland, Helsinki
»The Photographic Museum of Finland ‘Off the Main Roads’«

Georges Vercheval, Director, Musée de la Photographie
»Musée de la Photographie de Charleroi«

Tom Ward, The Grosvenor Museum, Chester
»The Grosvenor Museum – Collecting Policies and Conflicts«

David Fleming, Leeds City Museum
»The Use and Abuse of Photography in British Museum«

12 April
Introductory remarks
Chairperson: Margaret Harker, Vice-President of the ESHPh

A. Budge, National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford
»Education & the National Museum Photography, Film & TV«

Jim Cross, Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds
»Using the Museum as a Resource – Teaching about Photo-Journalism«

Ted Welch, Harrow College of Higher Education
»Forward to the Past (Museums of Photography, Education and the Future)«

David Faddy, Head of Photography, Polytechnic of Central London
»The Role of Academic Institutions and Research in Constructing Histories
of Photography«

13 April
Introductory remarks (Which History of Photography?)
Chairman: Laurent Roosens

Joan Schwarz, Public Archive of Canada, Ottawa
»Private Realms of Light: Canadian Amateur Photography 1839 to 1940«

Jan Coppens, Eindhoven
»British Calotypists in Holland and Belgium«

Otto Lilien, Rehovot, Israel
»Colour Printing before and after the Invention of Photography«

Larry Schaaf, University of St Andrews
»Niépce 1827 in England«

David Thomas, Science Museum, London
»Victorian Magic Lantern Slides«

Mike Weaver, University of Oxford
»The Britishness of British Photography«

Jane Carmichael, Imperial War Museum, London
»A View of Home, British Official Photography of the Home Front 1939 to 1945«

Janice Hart, North Staffordshire Polytechnic
»The Social Context of the New Photography in Britain 1959 to 1965«

Elliot Rubenstein, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York State
»Ansel Adams: A Reconsideration of his Place in the History of Photography«

Eugene Ostroff, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.
»Magnetic Images: Tintypes for Everyone«

David Bruce, Scottish Film Council
»History of Cinema Films (G.W. Wilson/Moment in Time and Metropolis)«

14 April
Collections and Documentation
Introductory remarks
Chairman: Roger Coenen, General Secretary of the ESHPh

John Burnett, Science Museum, London
»Documenting (Computerising) the Science Museum’s Photographic Collection«

Nigel Thorp, Glasgow University Library
»The Early Photographic Collections in Glasgow University Library«

Roy Flukinger, University of Texas, Austin
»The Sleeping Photograph«

Elizabeth Edwards, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
»Historical Photograph Collections and Ethnography«

Colin Manton, Museum of London
»Billingsgate: Recording London’s Wholesale Fish Market«

Norman McCord, Newcastle University
»Cataloguing a Photography Collection using the ‘Cardbox’ Programme«

Helmut Gernsheim, Castagnola
»Gernsheim on Gernsheim«