16th International Symposium

Photography in Italy

5 to 8 May 1999, University, Udine/IT
Group picture symposium 1999 Udine/IT

Group picture symposium 1999 Udine/IT

6 May 1999
Lecture Session: Photography in Italy
Chairperson: Margaret Harker, President of the ESHPh

Michael Jacob, Member of the Daguerreian Society, Spoleto
»‘Il Lucifero’ and the Introduction of the Daguerreotypie into Naples in 1839«

Maria Mancini, Professor of Geography, Università degli Studi di Roma Tre
»Photography in the History of the Italian Explorations from the Unity (1868) to 1940«

Helmut Kleinsteuber, Member of Club Daguerre, Hatten
»Italy in Early Colour«

David Haberstich, Director of the Photographic Collection at National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.
»La Stereoscopia in Italia«

Chairperson: Peter Agius, Oxford, Member of the ESHPh and of the Royal Photographic Society, Bath

Marta Braun, professor for Film and Photography, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto
»Phantasms of the Living and the Dead (photographs of Anton Giulio Bragaglia)«

Giuliana Scimé, professor, art critic, Milano
»The Bragaglia Brothers«

Kan Damy, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Milano
»Gruppo La Bussola (the important development for art and photography in the 1940’s and 1950’s)«

Cesare Colombo, photographer
»Lost Italy, Piero Donzelli Photographer«

Monica Maffioli, Curator at the Museo di Storia della Fotografia Fratelli Alinari Florenz
»Alinari: A Photographic Dynasty. From the Origins of the Photographic Atelier to the Industrial Era (1852-1890) Museo Fratelli Alinari«

Margaret Harker
»Different Ways of Seeing«

Colin Osman, Editor of Photo Historian, Royal Photographic Society, Bath
»The Beato Brothers«

7 May 1999
Chairperson: Giuliana Scimé, professor, art critic, Milano
Research Topics

Anna Auer, photo researcher, Vienna
»The Photogram – A Highly Imaginative Contribution to the Art«

Roger Erlandsen, Director Documentation Department of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Oslo
»Demography and Economy of the Norwegian Professional Photographers 1860-1980«

Jens Jäger, Universität Hamburg
»Police Photography – a reconsideration«

Gudbrandur Benediktsson, Curator at the Museum of Photography, Reykjavic
»Collecting Collections: problems of perception and definition«

Maurizio Rebuzzini, collector of photographs, editor
»Photographers in the Cinema«

Chairperson: Roger Erlandsen

David Faddy, Head of Photography and Dean of the School of Communication at the University of Westminster, London
»The Image of Politics«

Karl Steinorth, 1st Vice-President of the ESHPh (retired from Kodak), President of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (DGPh) in Cologne

Audrey Linkman, researcher, Manchester Metropolitan University
»Not dead but Sleeping (post mortem photography)«

Ted Welch, Lecturer at the University of Westminster (Contemporary Media Praxis), London
»The Future of Photography in a Digital Age with a Focus on Italy«

Lecture Session: Photography in Italy
Chairperson: Miguel Galmes, Barcelona

Pamela Paulien, historian, specialized of photography, Madrid
»Soldier Photographers: Images of the 10th Mountain Division during the Italian Campaign 1945«

Ray McKenzie, lecturer, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
»The Noble Shape of a Long-Decaying Corpse: Robert MacPherson and the Depiction of 19th Century Rome«