19th International Symposium


11 to 13 November 2002, Academy of Visual Art, Hogeschool Zuyd, Maastricht/NL

11 November

Anna Auer, President of the ESHPh, Vienna

Johan Swinnen, Professor at the Faculty of Art Science and Archaeology at the Free University of Brussels
»Statement BOXED«

Chairman: Roger Erlandsen, 2nd President of the ESHPh, Oslo

Rolf Sachsse, Dean of the Department of Design, Niederrhein University of Applied Science, Krefeld
»German Paroxysms – Notes on the Making of a History of Nazi Photography«

Tamara Berghmans, Faculty of Art Science and Archaeology at the Free University of Brussels
»The Collection of Photographs of the Pictorialists of the Royal Museums of Art and History Brussels, acquired by the Belgian Government between 1896 and 1901«

Colin Ford, Head of the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford
Cataloguing Julia Margaret Cameron

Chairman: A.D. Coleman

Louis Kaplan, Assistant Professor of History and Theory of Photography and New Media at the University of Toronto
»Beings Between: Tony Oursler’s – The Influence Machine as ontological Practice«

Magda Kardasz, Curator at Galerie Zach’ ta, Warsaw
»Could Eastern European Art be understood by the Western Curators?«

Juri G. Brilts, Development Specialist at California State University, Chico
»Latour, Heick, Macauly and Zegart: The California School of Fine Arts (1946 – 1951) and their Instructor Ansel Adams.«

Ivan D’hondt, Doctoral Candidate at the Faculty of Art Science and Archaeology at the Free University of Brussels
»Begin at the Beginning. A doctoral Research to the Archeology of Photography at the Free University of Brussels«

Antonín Dufek, Head Curator of the Department of Photography, Moravská galerie in Brno
»Boxed Collection of Moravian Gallery in Brno«

12 November
Chairman: Louis Kaplan

Geoffrey Batchen, Teaches the History of Photography at the Graduate Centre of the City University of New York
»Ere the Substance Fade: Photography and memory.«

Annette W. Balkema, philosopher, curator and editor of a Series of Philosophy of Art & Theory, Amsterdam
»Freeze! What is the space of the new media and its streaming image where intensity, How Paradox and intimacy could occur?«

Monika Schwärzler, Adjunct Professor at the Department of Visual Culture at Webster University Vienna
»August Sander: A psychoanalytic reading«

Willem Elias, Professor at the Department of Socio-Cultur al Theory and Art and Cultural Sciences at the Free University of Brussels
»Prejudices in the History of the Philosophy of Photography«

Chairman: Terry Barrett

Klaus Honnef, Curator and Professor of the Theory of Photography at the University Kassel
»Of Bodies and Other Things – German Photography from the Weimar republic Until Now«

Anna Auer, President of the ESHPh, researcher, writer, curator, Vienna
»Ferdinand Schmutzer (1870-1828). The Viennese copperplate engraver – His unknown photographic work«

Xavier Canonne, Director of the Museum of Photography, Charleroi, Belgium
»Pierre Molinier and his Sexual Ritual Front of the Camera-box«

Mulugeta Taffesse, artist and Laureate of the Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Antwerp
»A Photo Saloon’s Masquerade: the African Popular Subject in Photography«

Lynne Cohen, artist and Professor at the Department of Visual Arts, University of Ottawa
»Camouflage: An Artist’s Talk: or is it and isn’t it.«

13 November
Chairman: Willem Elias

Terry Barrett, Professor of Art Education at the Ohio State University, Columbus
»Principles of Interpreting Photographs«

Jan-Erik Lundström, Director of Bildmuseet in Umea
»Poverties of the Photograph: Image Ethics in Contemporary Culture«

Liz Wells, lecturer in Media Arts, School of Art and Humanities, University of Plymouth
»Space In-between: On Women and Landscape«

Wim Wauman, artist and Candidate-Laureate of the Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Antwerp
»Animal Photography vs. Postmodern thinking«

Chairman: A. W. Balkema

A.D. Coleman, recipient of the 2002 Kulturpreis of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie
»Potlach, Auction, and in between: Digital Art and Digital Audiences«

Theo Derksen, photographer, tutor and Coordinator at the Department Visual Communication, Academy of Visual Arts, Maastricht
»Homeless Images«

Krystyna Bartnik, curator, Wroclaw (Breslau)
»A Polish Artist-photographer Natalia Lach-Lachowics (1937)«

Ben Baruch Blich, lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Senior Lecturer at the School of Communication and at the Levinski College of Education
»Body Representations in Photography«

Ulay, artist
»Emulsion – Performative Photography – the Ontological in the Photographic Image«