21st International Symposium

From Nordic Landscapes to North American Indians. Current Trends in Nordic and International History of Photography.

9 to 10 September 2004, Royal Library, National Library of Sweden and Moderna Museet, Stockholm/SE

Among other there can be seen on this picture: (first rang from left to right) Anna Tellgren – Curator, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (SE), Eva Dahlman – Curator, National Library of Sweden, Stockholm (SE), unknown Giuliana Scimé – Art historian, Milano (I), Anna Auer – President of the ESHPh, Vienna (A), Monika Schwärzler – Webster University, Vienna (A), Others: Hans Christian Adam, Goettingen (G), Kerstin Arcadius, Malmö (SE), Tamara Berghmans – Free University of Brussels (B), Lena Johannesson – University of Göteborg (SE), Peter Schulz – Moderna Museet, Stockholm (SE), Leif Wigh – Modern Museet, Stockholm (SE), Johan Swinnen – Free University of Brussels (B)

9 September 2004

Anna Tellgren, Curator of Photography, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
»Nordic Landscapes – The Writing of Photo History from a Scandinavian Perspective«

Mette Sandbye, Assistant Professor at the Department of Art and Cultural Studies, Copenhagen University
»Conceiving the First Danish History of Photography«

Sigrid Lien, Associate Professor at the Department of Art History and Cultural Studies, University of Bergen
»The Specifically Norwegian about Norwegian Histories of Photography«

Johan Swinnen, Professor at the Faculty of Art Science and Archaeology at the Free University, Brussels
»What is the Purpose of Photo History? Methods of Research in Belgium«

Leena Saraste, researcher at the Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki
»Photographic Education – Artistic and Scholarly Research in Finland«

Lena Johannesson, Professor at the Department of Art Histor y and Visual Studies, Gothenburg University
»On the Borders of Photographic Continents and the Presumed Globalisation«

Anna Näslund Dahlgren, Department of Art History, Stockholm University
»The Photographic Image in Visual Culture«

Tamara Berghmans, student, Department of Art Science and Archaeology, Free University, Brussels
»The ›subjektive fotografie‹ in Belgium«

Ingrid Nurum, curator, Sogn and Fjordane Museum of Fine Arts, Norway
»Jens Hauge – Landscapes«

Mulugeta Tafesse, artist and Candidate Laureate, Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Antwerp
»Courteous Confines: East African Contemporary Photography Practice and the Pull between Figure and Ornament«

Kerstin Arcadius, Administrative Head of Skanes hembygdsförbund, Lund
»Picturing the Countryside – Severin Nilson and the late 19th Photography«

10 September 2004

Eva Dahlman, Senior Librarian, Section for Maps, Picture, Printed Music and Posters, The Royal Library, National Library of Sweden, Stockholm
»North American Indians and Photographs of Romani in the Royal Library«

Hans Christian Adam, Picture Researcher and Photo Historian, Göttingen
»Unforgettable Portraits – Curtis and the ›North American Indian‹«

Torsten Johansson, Reproduction and Photography Section, The Royal Library, National Library of Sweden, Stockholm
»Edward S. Curtis’ Photogravures – How Were They Produced?«

Eva Reme, Post Doctorate, Department of Art History and Cultural Studies, University of Bergen
»Norwegian Photographers and Images of Native Americans«

Indians Claes-Håkan Jacobson, independent photo historian, Swedish Pioneer Historical Society, Stockholm
»John Anderson – A Pioneer Photographer among the Rosebud Sioux«

Anna Auer, President of the ESHPh, Vienna
»Why did the Viennese Gallery “Die Bruecke” include the Work of Edward S. Curtis in the Exhibition Program in 1975?«

Saskia Ooms, Assistant to the Chief Curator of Photography at the Musée d’Orsay, Paris
»From Colonial Photography to Intimate Portraits: Claude-Joseph Désiré (1828 – 1915) Album Madagascar, Collection Musée d’Orsay«

Annette Rosengren, Curator, Nordiska Museet, Stockholm
»Reflections upon Photographs of Sámi, Romani and Swedish Peasant«