22nd International Symposium

The 30 Years Jubilee of ESHPh 1st Congress of Photography

6 to 8 November 2008, Austrian Academy of Sciences (Theatre-Hall), Vienna/AT


6 November 2008

Rolf H. Krauss, author & researcher, Stuttgart
»›Karl May: Empor ins Reich der Edelmenschen‹ (Up towards the realm of the noble people). Winnetou’s photographic Ascension«

Alistair Crawford, Professor of art, co-editor of Photoresearcher, Aberystwyth
»Robert Macpherson 1814–1872, the Final Proof«

Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, researcher, N. Iorga Institute of History, Bucharest Szathmari
»From a War Photographer to a Ruling Prince’s Court Painter and Photographer«

Michael Pritchard, photo historian, De Montfort University, Leicester
»Photographic Manufacturing and the British Patent System 1839–1910«

Emöke Tomsics, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest
»The Authenticity of the Artist and the Accuracy of Information. Mutual Influences of creative art and photography in event representation in Hungary in the 1860es«

Steven F. Joseph, author and independent scholar, Brussels
»Simonau & Toovey: The Introduction of Photomechanical Printing to Belgium, 1860–1873«

Katalin Bognár, curator, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest
»A Repository of Socialism. The Photographic Postcard Archive of the Hungarian Art Foundation’s Publishing House«

03_RolfHKrauss_HCAdam_MichaelMauracher©Manfred Litscher

Rolf H. Krauss, H.C. Adam, Michael Mauracher © Manfred Litscher

02_ESHPHCongressAnnaAuerUweSchögl_Congressopening©Manfred Litscher

Anna Auer, Uwe Schogl © Manfred Litscher


7 November 2008

Katherine Hoffman, Chair and Professor of the Fine Arts Department, St Anselm College, Manchester
»The Russian Photographs of Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsk ii, Alexandr Rodchenko and Margaret Bourke-White«

Giuliana Scimé, art historian & art critic, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Brescia
»Luigi Veronesi, The Essence of Experimental Avant-Garde Art«

Tamara Berghmans, art historian, Manfred & Hanna Heiting Scholar at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
»Belgian Identity and Style in Photography of the Fifties«

Tim Otto Roth, researcher, Oppenau
»This is Not a Photograph – Some Remarks on the Photogram as a Picture«

Liz Wells, Director of the Research Centre for Land/Water and the Visual Arts, University of Plymouth
»Revisiting Photography as Art«

Johan Swinnen, Professor of Contemporary Art History at Vrije Universiteit, Brussels
»Interdisciplinary Essays on Photographs as a Humanistic Discipline«

Ben Baruch Blich, senior lecturer, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
»Photography and Photographers in Concentration Camps and Ghettos during World War II«

Luc Deneulin, art historian, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels
»Leni Riefenstahl: The Photographer of the Past«

Christoph Schaden, photo historian, Cologne
»›It needs more work‹. Initial Thoughts on a First Photo«

Thomas Friedrich, Curator of the European Month of Photography, Berlin
»Photography. Modern Times and Everyday Life in the Big City. Printed Pictures in the German Press from 1892 to 1914«

Erich Lessing, Magnum photographer, Vienna
»Reportage: Erich Salomon – Martin Parr (working title)«

Monika Schwaerzler, Senior Research Faculty, Dept. of Visual Culture, Webster University, Vienna
»The Rhetoric and Pictorial Logic of Close-ups and their Use in Print Media«

08_Tamara Berghmans©Manfred Litscher

Tamara Berghmans © Manfred Litscher

09_BenBaruchBlich©Manfred Litscher

Ben Baruch Blich © Manfred Litscher

10LukeGartlan©Manfred Litscher

Luke Gartlan © Manfred Litscher

11ThomasFriedrich©Manfred Litscher

Thomas Friedrich © Manfred Litscher

12ErichLessing©Manfred Litscher

Erich Lessing © Manfred Litscher


Atelier of the Academy of Fine Arts © Johannes Stoll

14AnnaAuer_AlistairCrawford©Manfred Litscher

AnnaAuer, Alistair Crawford © Manfred Litscher

17bookshopFotohofSalzburg©Manfred Litscher

Bookshop Fotohof Salzburg © Manfred Litscher

15Adrian-Silvan_Ionescu_MonikaKnofler©Manfred Litscher

Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, Monika Knofler © Manfred Litscher

16GabrieleHofer_HagenauerPeterBaum©Manfred Litscher

Gabriele Hofer Hagenauer, Peter Baum © Manfred Litscher

04_LizWellsMonika_Schwaerzler©Manfred Litscher

Liz Wells, Monika Schwaerzler © Manfred Litscher


Anna Auer, Gabriele Hofer Hagenauer, Matthias Herman © Johannes Stoll

20_Museum on Demand_MUSA_©Manfred Litscher

Museum on Demand (MUSA) © Manfred Litscher

06_EvaKönigsederUllaFischerWesthauser©Manfred Litscher

Eva Konigseder, Ulla Fischer Westhauser © Manfred Litscher

13_RolfH_Krauss_ChristophSchaden©Manfred Litscher

Rolf H. Krauss, Christoph Schaden © Manfred Litscher

05_AnnaAauerUweSchöglAlistairCrawford©Manfred Litscher

Anna Aauer, Uwe Schogl, Alistair Crawford © Manfred Litscher

07_Michel_J_Pfeiffer_ChristophSchaden_MichaelPritchard©Manfred Litscher

Michel J. Pfeiffer, Christoph Schaden, Michael Pritchard © Manfred Litscher