Anna Auer: Institute for Photography in Austria

In 1994, Anna Auer and her co-authors presented the Federal Ministry of Education and Art/Dept. 4.3 in Vienna with a concept for the establishment of an “Institute for Photography in Austria” to function as a data base and documentation centre.

This was followed by numerous other concepts for a “Museum/Research Centre for Photography in Vienna” that, unfortunately, never came to fruition.


The FOTOGRAFIS Collection

The FOTOGRAFIS Collection (Vienna/Salzburg) is one of the most important collections of international and historical photography in Austria.

Vilém Flusser and Anna Auer.
5th congress, June 22, 1980

Allan Porter & CAMERA

A special documentary on the legendary photo journal CAMERA and its last editor-in-chief ALLAN PORTER who took the magazine to new heights.

This developed into his “museum without walls” and became Europe’s first exhibition platform for artistic photography after 1945.