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An obituary on Rolf H. Krauss (1930–2021)

The long-term member of our Society Rolf H. Krauss passed away at 90 years of age on 2 January 2021.

Portrait from 1992 in Dresden on the Elb-Raddampfer “Diesbar” © Hans Christian Adam

Hans Christian Adam and Thomas Theye, 22.01.2021

The long-term member of our Society Rolf H. Krauss passed away at 90 years of age on 2 January 2021. He had been a member of the ESHPh since its founding days and remained a highly esteemed colleague on the Society’s Advisory Board until the end of his life. His lectures and discussion contributions were highlights of our seminars and he also wrote several essays for the PhotoResearcher.

Welcome Colin Ford


Ulla Fischer-Westhauer (Vice President), Colin Ford (Honory Member and Founder Member of ESHPh), Anna Auer (Honory Member), Uwe Schögl (President)

It was a great pleasure for us to be able to welcome our Honorary Member Colin Ford to the 25th ESHPh General Assembly on 25 October 2018.
On the occasion of the ESHPh’s 40th anniversary, we will publish a special issue of PhotoResearcher in spring 2019 and are preparing a conference on “Poisoned Pictures – Photography and Ecology”, which will be held in Vienna on 5 April 2019.

Anna Auer & Photographic Research

As a result of her many years of activity in the fields of research and exhibitions, Anna Auer (the first female Honorary President of the ESHPh) has provided numerous impulses for investigation into the history of photography.

Anna Auer founded the first commercial photo gallery on the European continent when she opened the gallery “Die Brücke” in 1970. She was also the founding director of the historical photographic collection “Sammlung Fotografis” (1975), as well as being the initiator of annual photo symposia held in the German-speaking world (until 1981), organising a large number of exhibitions and the author or editor of a wide-range of publications on photographic history (The Forgotten Letters and Manuscripts: Niépce, Daguerre, Talbot; Christian Schad, Ferdinand Schmutzer, eg.).
Anna Auer made a major contribution to the establishment of a photographic museum and research centre in Vienna but, unfortunately, the concepts and proposals she presented in 1994 have remained unfulfilled by the responsible ministries of the Republic of Austria.

Feedback Uwe Schögl

Uwe Schoegl – new President of the ESHPh

I have not yet had the honour or the pleasure to meet Uwe Schoegl, but I know and appreciate Anna for many years. So I put my trust in her judgment and support her proposal in favour of Uwe Schoegl.
Roger Coenen (founding member of the ESHPh), Saint-sévère-sur-Indre/F

Feedback Farewell letter Anna Auer

fittosize_120_0_a28ba91134dbaacb9df3670a81cf2fbb_anna_auerAnna . . . Delighted to get the Newsletter. Given that the Society has also published two editions of PhotoResearcher this year, it can be seen to be doing very well.
Colin Ford (founding member of the ESHPh), Enfield/Middlesex/UK