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Feedback Uwe Schögl

Uwe Schoegl – new President of the ESHPh

I have not yet had the honour or the pleasure to meet Uwe Schoegl, but I know and appreciate Anna for many years. So I put my trust in her judgment and support her proposal in favour of Uwe Schoegl.
Roger Coenen (founding member of the ESHPh), Saint-sévère-sur-Indre/F

Feedback Farewell letter Anna Auer

fittosize_120_0_a28ba91134dbaacb9df3670a81cf2fbb_anna_auerAnna . . . Delighted to get the Newsletter. Given that the Society has also published two editions of PhotoResearcher this year, it can be seen to be doing very well.
Colin Ford (founding member of the ESHPh), Enfield/Middlesex/UK