PhotoResearcher No. 26|2016

Migration as Agitation – The Photographic Beyond the Image

The essays in this issue direct their focus towards intermedial, as well as interpictorial, forays along the borderlines of the photographic and examine the potentials inherent to these explorations: for example, their ability to theorize about photography beyond dual conceptual systems, to shift fixed geographic and media-specific notions of delimitation, or to dynamize (re)orderings of photographic images – not least in the field of the arts.


PhotoResearcher No. 25|2016

Photography in the Marketplace

Photography in the Marketplace is not only a matter of industrial advertising photography, or corporate branding, but is a political, material and above all, commercial enterprise that inflects the taking, circulating, collection and recirculation of photographs. The materiality of the markets in which photography takes part, the communications networks in which they circulate, and the circumstances in which they are preserved as history enrich the narratives of ‘industry’ beyond its current confines.


PhotoResearcher No. 24|2015

Image After Image: Reconsidering the Fabric of Slideshows

phr24Issue 24 of the PhotoResearcher is reconsidering the importance of slide shows for the history, theory and practice of visual arts. It consists of essays that approach this subject from a range of perspectives, including its relationship to historical and contemporary artistic practices, technology, as well as the policies of institutional collecting.